Disclaimer on Game Analyses

Since I will be doing frequent analyses of video games, I thought I would make a general disclaimer post. When reading one of my game analyses please take the following into consideration:

  1. I do not do reviews. That's not what I aim to do here. I may share my opinion on whether a game is good or not, but my main goal is to analyze and interpret a game. I want to dig deeper and discover what the team working on the game was attempting to do and perhaps learn something that can be applied to my work as a game designer. There will be no score applied to any of my discussions.
  2. There may be spoilers. During my discussions of a game I may deal with story points that could be considered spoilers. Consider this your warning. If you haven't played a game yet and you don't want any of the story spoiled for you, do not read my game analyses.

That's it. Enjoy reading.